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Buddy’s Fresh Food always starts with fresh meat as the #1 ingredient.  These are the same meats you would eat yourself and serve your family – no meals, no by-products, no rendered scraps and no mystery meats.  

Chicken and beef are sourced from Ontario farms and are inspected and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for human consumption. The lamb is from human grade facilities in New Zealand. The wild salmon is fished from Canadian waters and sold to Buddy’s Kitchen frozen fresh – no canned or left-over fish scraps. 

To insure safety for the whole family, all raw meat used in Buddy’s Fresh Food is gently cooked to kill pathogens like e-coli and salmonella. “If we can’t eat it, we don’t feed it.” 

Buddy’s Fresh Food is home-cooking made convenient with the addition of science based nutrition - formulated exclusively by Buddy’s full-time animal nutritionist –
Dr. Gary Pusillo.


Buddy’s Fresh Food is 70% meat - irresistibly delicious for even the pickiest eaters!

It’s easy to tell whether food is fresh or not - fresh food will rot and spoil.  Buddy’s Fresh Food is sold frozen and when ready to be fed, can be thawed in a refrigerator or quickly microwaved.

Patties are individually wrapped in 4.5oz / 128 gram patties for easy and convenient storage, handling and measuring. You can actually see, smell and touch the fresh ingredients.

Buddy’s Fresh Food can be fed everyday as a complete diet OR fed occasionally as a topper (instead of canned food) mixed into your dog’s regular food (see Buddy’s Fresh Step Program).

Buddy’s Fresh Food is not a raw diet. All meats are hand-butchered and then gently cooked to the minimum temperature recommended by Health Canada for human consumption. Independent lab testing on each batch must indicate ‘negative’ for E-Coli and Salmonella before being released for sell.  As a result, handling Buddy’s Fresh Food is safe and convenient for the whole family and storage is mess free.

In the center of the patty is a proprietary core in the form of Buddy's 'heart'. The ‘heart’ adds additional pre and probiotics and other science based nutrition to support immunity & gut health.

Low glycemic ingredients support healthy weight maintenance and with no grains, no corn, no soy, no wheat and no meat meals, Buddy’s Fresh Food is the next generation food for dogs.


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