With the thawing temperatures, many dogs are picking up yucky tummy problems. Call your vet then order. 10% off Lamb Tummy Support until Mar 3.


Small batch, nutritious, fresh dog meals and snacks. Delivered.

Canadian, fresh, local ingredients your best friend will love. Science based nutrition pet parents can trust.

At Buddy’s Kitchen, fresh, human-grade ingredients, locally sourced in Canada, crafted by our chef and our pet nutritionist to deliver the bowl-licking balanced nutrition your best friend needs for all life stages. Each meal is finished with a prebiotic biscuit to promote digestion and gastrointestinal health.

Fresh Dog Snacks

  • Monthly Pantry Box
  • 100% Natural. Personalize to your pet’s nutritional needs

Fresh Dog Meals

  • Set it and forget it conveniently delivered to your door
  • 100% Natural. Personalize to your pet’s nutritional needs

Dog Tummy Problems or Allergies? Buddy’s Kitchen can help.

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