Frequently Asked Questions

How is fresh different than raw?

Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals is NOT a raw diet. All meats are gently cooked to the minimum temperature requirements outlined by Health Canada to kill E. coli and salmonella. This is done in order to eliminate your pet and family’s risk of pathogen contamination which can result from handling and feeding raw diets. The result – Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals is a diet that is safe and convenient to handle for the whole family, from young children to senior citizens. Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals are 100% natural, as well as grain filler and preservative-free, bringing together science-based nutrition with home-cooking.

Other Companies deliver refrigerated meals. Why do you deliver your meals frozen?

Keeping fresh food fresh is critical. Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals patties retain all their nutrition and flavour through a specialized process of dropping the temperature very quickly in our unique cryogenic freezer. By dramatically dropping the temperature rapidly, we prevent crystals from forming and avoid dreaded freezer burn. Fresh food only stays fresh in the refrigerator for 5 - 6 days. By flash freezing our meals, the patties remain in this state in your freezer until you are ready to thaw and serve your pet a delicious meal.

We obsess over retaining the nutrition, taste, and freshness of our meals from the moment they are made in our kitchen to the moment you receive them in your kitchen.

How do you recommend I thaw the Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meal patties?

To maintain freshness, keep patties frozen and sealed until ready to feed. Some dogs prefer the patty warm or at room temperature and/or broken into small chunks.

Each patty comes individually wrapped, to maintain freshness and integrity of each patty. This provides convenience for thawing or transport of a single patty: no thawing or slicing of meat! The overwrap is also microwave safe, making Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals quick and easy for busy pet parents.

  • Remove from freezer 1-3 day’s meals. Leave in protective film to thaw in refrigerator
  • To quickly thaw from frozen, microwave for 35 - 50 sec on high. Caution: do not feed if too hot/allow patty to become warm
  • Discard thawed patties if left in refrigerator for longer than 7 days or on a counter, at room temperature, for longer than 4 hours

What happens if I’m outside of your delivery area? Can I come to your kitchen and buy the meals?

Absolutely! Order online and type ‘Pick up’ in the special delivery instruction box at checkout. Print off your receipt and bring it with you to pick up your meals.

Open: Wednesday 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Address: 145 Industrial Parkway South #14, Aurora, Ontario

Fresh vs. raw vs. kibble – What’s the difference?

Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals are gently cooked to kill the pathogens (e coli and salmonella) which can be commonly found in raw foods. We gently cook our foods so as to not kill the natural nutrients of the proteins or the vegetables. Many kibble type foods are cooked so harshly; they can lose much of the ‘natural goodness’ the ingredients started with.

BK Fresh meals are nutritionally balanced – a healthy dog on a maintenance plan, would not require further supplementation. Many raw foods diets require additional supplementation beyond the protein itself.

While kibble is very convenient with a shelf life of more than 1 year (similar to macaroni and cheese boxed dinners), BK Fresh Meals do spoil, just as your chicken salad would spoil.

Can I change my autoship plan if my dog like some flavours better than others?

Yes. You can make changes to your plan anytime.  Just log into our site and you can make whatever changes you want.  For examples, if you’re finding you need more meals, you can increase the quantity that will be delivered every 2 weeks.

Can I suspend my plan when I’m traveling or away on vacation?

Yes. Your plan and profile information can be changed, adjusted or cancelled at any time.

Can I have the meals delivered to my workplace instead of my home?

Yes. Within designated areas (please call or email us for more information).

How is fresh different than wet or canned food?

Canned food, like kibble, is cooked at a very high temperature, under extreme pressure. This process can reduce the valuable proteins of the meat and legumes, and renders them an unavailable nutrients. Canned recipes often use water as a filler, by adding additional water on top of the natural moisture of the meat. Canned foods also usually contain gels and thickeners to imitate gravy or real meat consistencies.

Why a diet of Buddy’s kitchen Fresh Meals when regular dog food seems to be working?

The same question can be asked differently: Why eat home cooked fresh food when McDonald’s seems to be ‘working’ and fills me up? As a result, more and more pet parents are looking for food alternatives to over-processed, mass produced pet food, and see home cooking as a better ‘more controlled’ alternative.

Are the supplement mix ingredients “human-grade”?

Yes, every single one of our ingredients are human-grade, including the vitamins and minerals (all specified to be human-grade and bioavailable). The supplement mix contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins necessary to complement the naturally occurring nutrients found in the main ingredients. The supplement mix also contains unique bioactive ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics, as well as ingredients known to help in stool odor and help prevent grass discoloration from urine.

What does the bone-shaped biscuit in the patty contain, and why is this blend so important?

The bone-shaped biscuit contains buckwheat and Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) as the main ingredients. These both act as active fibers and are mixed with pre and probiotics to provide exceptional support to the gastrointestinal system. Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals maintenance diets are formulated to have a positive effect on gut health.

Where does Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals fall in regards to the glycemic index (GI)?

BK Fresh Meals uses ingredients with a low GI, encouraging steady blood glucose levels. The amount of energy from carbohydrates is significantly lower in BK Fresh Meals when compared to most conventional pet foods. For the most part, kibble diets contain the types of carbohydrates that are known to have a very high glycemic index, when measuring the blood glucose response over a defined period of time. The actual glycemic response to a certain food ingredient in dogs is highly variable. Its dependent on ingredient combinations, quantity, particle size, degree of cooking, recrystallization upon cooling, animal health, gastrointestinal health, age, presence of digestive enzymes and environmental conditions.

We not only have digestive enzymes added to ensure efficient digestion, but we also use low carbohydrate ingredients, to create a constant blood glucose levels, without massive carbohydrate spikes at meal time.

Can I supplement my current kibble Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals?

Absolutely! Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals will still provide a dog excellent nutritional benefits, even when mixed with kibble. A Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals patty is a whole food super supplement that will recharge and refresh any kibble diet. One thing to note, be sure not to overfeed and cut back on the kibble accordingly. We recommend considering our Buddy’s Kitchen Meal Enhancer Plan to supplement your dog’s current food.

How are Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals beneficial for a pet with allergies or food sensitivities?

BK Fresh Meals contains premium, fortified ingredients that can act as a super supplement to your pet. For comparison, a human can have super healthy, yummy smoothie with chalk full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and natural fresh ingredients. A dog can have BK Fresh Meals to reap the same kind of benefits. Our ingredients are all human grade and locally sourced. We have eliminated most common sensitivities from our recipes, like filler grain, wheat, corn, soy, and gluten. Furthermore, our recipe contains no fish or meat meals, no artificial ingredients, no by-products and no preservatives, which also significantly decreases the chance of reactions. Instead of your dog being in constant turmoil with his daily diet, his body will have a chance to build a healthy and strong immune system. You will see the BK Fresh Meals difference in their skin, coat, ears, physique, and general energy level.

The Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals patties seem small, will my dog be hungry?

Our patties are made to be nutrient-dense, with adequate, not excessive moisture. Our recipes contain no fillers, as they create unnecessary volume and bulk up the recipe, which just comes out as bigger feces. Buddy’s Kitchen has taken the position that “more isn’t better, better is better.” Buddy’s Kitchen Fresh Meals provides more balanced nutrients in every bite so that your pet consumes more goodness with less waste. The concentration of bioavailable ingredients eliminates the need to eat large quantities of dry (kibble) diets to get the necessary energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

What’s in a patty?

Clean Protein™ Ontario Chicken - fresh, gently cooked, CFIA inspected. Traceable to the farm.

Broccoli is rich in Vitamin C, fiber and calcium.

Green peas have high levels of fiber and protein while being low in calories.

Cooked organic brown rice is gentle on the digestive tract.

Pumpkin supports gastrointestinal health

Zucchini is an anti-inflammatory as well as supports coat and skin.

Sweet potato and carrots are high in beta carotene.

Fava and pinto beans add plant based protein and fiber.

(Redbor) Purple kale is filled with powerful antioxidants.

Buckwheat is effective at treating chronic diarrhea

Can I buy just one meal or one snack at a time?

All of our current options (based on 2 week supply of meals or 1 pantry box (3 snack bags per box per month) will set you up for recurring, subscription (Auto-ship) purchases. However, if you do not want to receive any subsequent shipments you can cancel your subscription after your initial purchase before being charged or shipped any additional orders.