Guests Are Barking About Buddy's Kitchen

2 Happy Rescues

We have two VERY happy dogs at home!
My husband was the first to arrive home and found the green bag of goodies at the door. He kept two parties out on the counter and put the rest of them in the freezer.
When the dogs arrived home from Doggieville, he witnessed the dogs up on their hind legs sniffing the counter! Neither one of them are counter surfers so this was unusual behaviour!
Feeding time was full of excitement! We are currently supplementing their dry food with 1/4 patty each. Our girl will sniff her bowl and then lay down until her brother finishes eating. Then she will eat. There was no laying down this time! She went straight to her bowl and ate! Same thing again this morning!
We are so excited for our dogs to be eating good tasting nutritional food while still using the hard kibble to help with teeth cleaning! This is such a win-win for all of us! Thank you Buddys kItchen for all that you do!
Dax (left) is a 9 year old mixed breed that is predominantly Husky and Dachund! Ellie is a 4 year old English Springer & Australian Shepard mix! Both are rescues! 
--Sharron of Keswick, Ontario

"Buddy's Kitchen Saved my Sanity"

Buddy's Kitchen has saved my mealtime sanity!! Dyson, a 3yr old 90 pound SBD is the pickiest eater I have ever seen and would also be prone to mushy poops at times. He eats 2x per day (when not on a food strike) and was getting 1 1/2 cups of good quality Acana kibble with a topper. He won't eat any kibble without a topper. He gets bored with toppers and I constantly needed to change it up every few days or he would refuse to eat. In addition he was a grazer and expected the food to be left down for him. This created huge problems when the new MBD puppy Chili came along. Chili would inhale his food and then eat Dysons. So Dyson got subjected to the 20 minute rule (no more grazing) and so was eating very little. It actually caused me sleepless nights with worry. Then along came Sheryl Johnson and her frozen fresh cooked patties!!! Now Dyson and Chili both eat 2x daily: 1 cup of kibble topped with 1/2 a microwaved patty. To that I drizzle over 1 tbsp of kefir. They both stand in the kitchen expectantly while I prepare their meals and they inhale them in under 5 minutes. They love all the flavours and Dyson now has firm poops due to the probiotics in the biscuits that top the patties. I am on an automatic monthly order so there is nothing to remember. I love Buddy's Kitchen and the change it has made in mealtimes at my house. The snacks are great too. Try the codskins - my guys LOVE them.
--Lynn of Burlington, Ontario
"They Lick Their Bowls Clean"
Toto & Charlie are loving their food and snacks. They both lick their bowls clean. Also their tummies have been doing exceptionally well since starting on the Buddy's Kitchen food. Their favorite snack at the moment is the dental chew sticks.
--Ela of Toronto, Ontario